The School has a very successful Combined Cadet Force (CCF) contingent that has an Army and an RAF section, it is commanded by Captain Hayley Atkinson who is assisted by the School Staff Instructor (SSI) and qualified members of staff. The main emphasis of the CCF is on discipline, teamwork, leadership and a sense of fun.

The CCF training consists of basic drill, map and compass reading, leadership, first aid, weapon training, field skills, and simulated combat.  Activities include flying, small and full bore rifle shooting, climbing, camping, and adventure training, all of which is complementary to the DoE Awards scheme.

The CCF is compulsory in the Fourth Year through to December in the Fifth Year, after which it is voluntary. However, a large number of cadets opt to continue and progress to become Junior NCOs. When the cadets reach Sixth Form they have the opportunity to gain further promotion to Senior NCO and are involved in teaching the CCF syllabus to junior cadets. 

The School has its own indoor rifle range where cadets can fire the L144A1.22 rifle under supervision. There is a climbing wall and an outdoor paintball range where cadets can engage with concealed targets and learn military field skills.

Field Days and overnight camps are held throughout the year and these give the cadets the opportunity to fire the L98A2 assault rifle, fly aircraft simulators and to take part in activities not available on school premises. In addition to this, there are RAF and Army Camps each year that cadets are encouraged to attend to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

The CCF offers the opportunity for cadets to attend external courses in military subjects, civilian qualifications and adventure training. These are heavily subsidised by the MOD.

The contingent also takes part in the Cadet Expansion Programme, which facilitates cadets from the local high school, Carr Hill, who regularly attend CCF training and camps alongside our own cadets.


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