Importance is attached to the value of homework, and it is an essential part of School life both as a learning aid and for diagnostic purposes. Regular homework encourages self-discipline and develops sound study techniques, and is a way of helping our pupils to become independent learners. Google Classroom is used to communicate homework tasks to our pupils. Homework is set in line with the curriculum, and the amount of time assigned to tasks is commensurate to a pupil’s year group.

At the start of a KGS pupil’s learning journey they engage in various homework activities which includes reading, language and number work. As they move through the Infants, there is an increased emphasis on developing key skills and consolidation in mathematics and English. Additionally, pupils receive spellings which they learn for a test.

As a pupil moves to the Juniors, homework is set formally, with a focus on English and mathematics. There is a continued aim to develop key skills or to consolidate topics taught in class; it may also be used as a pre-learning task. All pupils from I1 through to J4 are expected to read at home on a daily basis, and the KGS Reading Record helps to ensure prompt and effective communication between home and School in relation to this area of learning; as a result, our pupils make excellent progress with their reading skills.