Medical Centre

The medical centre is a base where pupils and staff from the Sixth Form, Senior School, Junior, Infant and Pre-School can get medical advice/care and First Aid during the school day. It is hoped that by addressing any health issues on site it a) allows pupils to continue with the school day and b) reduces the risk of widespread illness by identifying early symptoms.

The centre is managed by two members of staff with nursing qualifications and experience, wearing uniforms for ease of identification. These are referred to as 'surgery managers'. As well as administering First Aid, they provide a listening ear to pupils experiencing emotional problems/ worries as well as and liaise closely with teaching staff and professional bodies as required. Confidentiality is never promised and children are encouraged to consider who might be in the best position to help them.

The Deputy Head (Pastoral) works closely with the Surgery Managers to share pupil concerns and discuss possible support. An Independent Listener is another layer of support for our pupils. She is booked to come into school on a weekly basis and appointments are made through the Deputy Head Pastoral.


School Policy indicates that pupils are not to carry medication with them unless it is an asthma inhaler, insulin or epipen. Prescribed medicines and specialised non-prescriptive medicine, including pain relief, are administered by the medical staff. All medicines are held securely and pupils attend the medical centre when required. Parental consent forms are required for this service.


KGS has an asthma policy which is regulated by Asthma UK for all schools nationally. It is extremely important that medical staff are given up to date information regarding a child’s condition. We recognise that asthma is a widespread, serious but controllable condition affecting many pupils. Our pupils are encouraged to achieve their potential in all aspects of school life by having a clear policy in place, understood by all.

In keeping with the aims of the policy, parents are expected to inform the school of any asthma attacks the previous day/ evening so that staff are prepared for any potential problems.

Parents may leave a message via the medical centre number on 01772 688114.

Care Plans

Care plans are in place for pupils who suffer from various allergies/ conditions which allow the surgery managers to be prepared for a possible emergency situation should one arise. Parents are asked to contact the medical staff if they identify that their child would benefit from this service.

Keeping up to date

In order to safeguard our pupils in school it is important that parents/ guardians make the surgery managers aware of any illness/ deterioration in existing conditions.

Please contact us for advice or to report any concerns

Medical Centre Contact 01772 688114

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 4.00 pm

KGS Medical Centre